Our services

Real estate
And many others services …
  • Transport of your horses
  • Transport for riders, jockeys, trainers, and owners on events
  • Transit structure search for horses
  • etc…
  • Search for a property
  • Looking for an architect for construction or renovation
  • Looking for a wealth manager
  • etc…
  • Personal Shopper (purchase of rider, horse and/or training equipment)
  • Custom request (saddle, rider outfit, trunk, etc…)
  • Purchase of transport vehicule
  • etc …
  • Organization of your private events, receptions, weddings, …
  • Booking your VIP seats
  • Presence on your events to meet specific requests
  • etc…
  • Organizing a trip on the horse theme
  • Recherche d’un groom
  • Cremation of your horse
  • etc …